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Mandatory Trainings

  • NOTE there are two modules to complete.  See the separate links below for the IEA Training and the Pequot Lakes School District Mandatory Trainings

    MODULE 1:  IEA (Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc.) Training

    1. Start by accessing the training homepage at

    2. Ignore the "Featured Courses" at the top ... scroll down to select Pequot Lakes Public Schools from the icons shown.

    3. MOST will select the "Teaching & Administrative Staff" module.  ART, INDUSTRIAL ARTS, and SCIENCE teachers, TRANSPORTATION staff, and FOOD SERVICE staff will select their appropriate module.  (NOTE:  Science teachers who teach classes without chemicals are NOT required to take the full science department training.  They can take the administrative/teaching staff training.)

    4. This will bring you to the course homepage where you will click on “Click Here to Start Your Training.”  

    5. Enter your name, email, and a password.  If you receive an 'Invalid email or password' message, click 'Need help signing in?' to reset your password.  (NOTE: You will need to remember your password if you want to log back in to complete a training that you only partially completed.)  

    6. The course will automatically launch and the video will start playing.  Complete each lesson by watching the video and the corresponding quizzes.

    MODULE 2:  Pequot Lakes School District Mandatory Trainings

    1. Access the trainings through the Google form:

    2. Watch the videos, view the presentations and complete the Google form.